Relaxing: Sweet Almonds + Lavender Sale

Two of the best-selling products, Sweet Almond vegetable oil and Lavender essential oil, together in the same pack. SWEET ALMOND Reduces wrinkles Contains emollient properties, helps calm anxiety and stress. Anti-inflammatory, purifying Sweet almond oil from Italy is ideal for any type of skin, but especially for dry or damaged skin. LAVENDER Relaxing and calming of the nervous system Healing and regenerating effect for damaged skin Great ally against hair loss problems Lavender is considered the essential oil par excellence due to its relaxing properties, versatility and effectiveness. It is our favorite essential oil.
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How to use essential oil on the skin

- Use any of the vegetable oils and add a few drops of essential oil to take better advantage of each of its properties

- Warm in your hands before applying to the desired area for better absorption

- If applied to the body, massage this oil on the desired areas in an ascending manner.

- If you want to apply it to the face, massage it lightly with your fingers all over the face for better absorption. Avoid contact with eyes

How to use essential oil in diffusion

- Fill the water container up to the indicated line

- Pour between 5 and 10 drops of essential oil into the water container. Close the diffuser with the ceramic lid

- Connect to the power and turn on the diffuser indicating the desired mode of use.

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