Gotes represents a world that does more with less. Gotes is born from nature. We work exclusively with organic oils because quality is as important to us as caring for our planet.


We are present throughout the entire process. From harvesting, production, development, to product delivery.


100% pure and organic essential and vegetable oils, of the highest quality.


We choose to go for natural. Quality and sustainability are the bases that govern our way of working.

Our history

A family tradition of more than 70 years linked to essential oils with a clear objective: to bring the properties of the oils closer to the end customer.

"GOTES was founded to continue a family tradition of more than 70 years linked to essential oils. My great-grandfather and grandfather were very avant-garde, exploring the world (India, Paraguay, Indonesia...) in search of new essential oils for the industry Spanish company of aromas and fragrances. My mother and my aunt, Sofia and Eva, continued the legacy and expanded the family business until today, being one of the most important companies in the sector. In addition, both Eva and Sofía are founding partners of Gotes , thus providing unique knowledge of the world of oils.

The direct contact we have with suppliers assures us of the total transparency and quality of our oils. In the market, it is very difficult to find oils that ensure the origin of the product. With very ethical values ​​and a deep respect for the environment, the brand has pure and natural quality products that are greatly differentiated in the market."

Marc - Co-Founder of GOTES