What is Aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is a discipline that consists of caring for and treating the mind and body using essential oils.
What are essential oils?
Essential oils are natural ingredients but also powerful concentrates isolated from the flowers, leaves, branches, bark, seeds or fruits of aromatic plants. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their properties and benefits.
How is an essential oil extracted?
Most essential oils are extracted by distillation through water vapor. Although there are more procedures, such as cold pressing (in the case of citrus), extraction using volatile solvents (flowers) and others...
What does an essential oil contain?
Each essential oil contains more than 200 different active substances. Alcohols, ethers, terpenes, acetates, ketones, phenols... It is the set of all that gives them their properties, and for this reason an oil has many properties and benefits.
To get an idea of ​​their powerful nature we can look at the amount of plant material necessary to obtain them. The relationship varies depending on the species, the time of harvest and the year of cultivation, but, as an example: did you know that 100 to 150 kg of fresh plant may be necessary to obtain 1 kg of lavender essential oil?
What is a vegetable oil or carrier oil?
Vegetable oils, although they are also oils, have nothing to do with essential oils. It does not have the same composition or the same properties. They are not volatile and do not have as much odor. They generally contain fatty acids and vitamins. They are called carriers or base oils, since they are ideal for carrying essential oils, achieving a good combination. They can be applied directly to the skin, since they have no contraindications. Ask us if you have any questions.
Are essential oils safe?
In general, you can use essential oils in the concentrations recommended below to enjoy all their benefits without any risk: 1% in facial routines (0.5% for highly sensitive or irritated skin), 1-3% in body massage oils , 1-4% in bath and body products, up to 5-10% for treatments in specific areas following the indications and precautions of each essential oil.

In the case of bergamot essential oil, use it in concentrations of up to 0.4% maximum to avoid photosensitization reactions. It is also advisable to limit the maximum level of use on the skin for ylang-ylang oil, to 0.8%, for maximum safety use.
Why buy Gotes essential and vegetable oils?
The quality of essential oils and vegetable oils is very important to enjoy their benefits but also to avoid their risks. The initial quality of essential and vegetable oils is closely related to the type of cultivation and treatment of the plant species used to obtain them. For this reason at Gotes we take care of selecting each of our products from its origin and we trust only in 100% pure, natural and ecological essential and vegetable oils.
100% pure : They have not been modified or mixed in any production process.
100% complete : We can guarantee that all the molecules present in the producing organ (plant, flower, bark, fruits...) have been collected.
100% natural : They do not contain synthetic materials.
100% organic : Our differentiating point is that we select our essential oils with great rigor, we visit the plantations and choose only those partners that work without pesticides or chemicals, thus becoming the first Spanish company to sell exclusively organic essential oils.
How should they be stored?
We take care of the initial quality of Gotes essential oils, but when it reaches your hands you must try to keep the product in good condition to be able to enjoy the best experience for as long as possible, in addition to avoiding the risks of using the product. in poor condition. Essential oils and also vegetable oils can be oxidized by exposure to elevated temperatures or oxygen. We recommend that you keep the container closed when not in use, and always store it in a cool, dry place, preferably away from light and heat sources.
Do you still have doubts?
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