How to prolong the benefits of summer?

How to prolong the benefits of summer?

Do you also want to keep your skin tanned for a long time? After summer, it is necessary to repair cells damaged by the sun, as well as purify the epidermis. Gotes offers you a vegetable oil and an essential oil to help you rehydrate your skin.

Vegetable oils are ideal for reconstituting the hydrolipid film of your skin. They are the main sources of essential fatty acids. Argan vegetable oil is a very powerful oil against aging and stains.
Essential oils contribute to tissue coherence, cell regeneration, and the fight against inflammation and oxidation.

In that article we will focus on our EOs that come from Flores:
Ylang Ylang: Deep cleanser and skin regenerator.
Geranium: Astringent, cell regenerator and toning.
Lavender: Skin refiner that is usually thickened after exposure to the sun.
Immortelle: Healing, fights against aging.

Recipe to make a facial serum
(especially for sensitive skin):
4 tablespoons of Argan vegetable oil
10 drops of Immortelle essential oil
Mix everything in a dropper bottle.
After cleansing and toning your face, apply 2-3 drops of serum to your face.

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