Discover body care with our line of body oils

Discover body care with our line of body oils

Do you take care of your body with the same passion with which you take care of your face?

The body is a map of experiences, emotions and vitality, taking care of it is as important as taking care of your face. For this reason, in our skincare range we also wanted to include a selection of three body oils, formulated with a synergy of natural ingredients.


Our Sculpture Body Oil has been carefully formulated with a synergy of natural ingredients, with Grapefruit and Lemongrass essential oils being its protagonists. Grapefruit, known for its natural antioxidant properties and detoxifying action, is combined with Lemongrass, which is appreciated for its ability to purify and soften the skin. Together, they create a dynamic duo that not only hydrates skin, but also works to naturally reshape and sculpt your silhouette.

Harmony is the key to serenity. Our Harmony Body Oil gives you the opportunity to wrap yourself in an embrace of calm and balance. Lavandin, with its regenerating and dermoprotective properties, is responsible for caring for and protecting your skin, providing a feeling of balance. Bergamot, for its part, provides a calming and relaxing action, helping to maintain a state of inner peace and balanced skin. It is the perfect ally for a relaxing massage before going to sleep.

Revitalizing Body Oil

Vitality is the gift your body deserves. Our Revitalising Body Oil is a revitalizing elixir formulated to enliven your senses and activate your skin's microcirculation. The heart of this oil is composed of two main ingredients: Niauli and Peppermint. Niauli is known for its cleansing, stimulating properties and its ability to reduce inflammation. This oil acts as a purifier, removing impurities and refreshing the skin. Peppermint, for its part, provides a natural dermoprotective effect, relieving the skin and decongesting. Its pleasant sensation of freshness revitalizes the skin, providing a purifying experience. The fresh and invigorating aroma of Peppermint envelops you in a feeling of pure and renewed energy.

In a world where attention focuses on the face, our body oils are a way to remind us that the body also deserves love and care. With natural ingredients, essential oils and a commitment to sustainability, Gotes invites you to embrace natural cosmetics and self-care.


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