Rosemary oil, ideal for October

Rosemary oil, ideal for October

We present in detail this essential oil ideal for the season, Rosemary .

Anti-fatigue oil: Stimulates mental and intellectual abilities. Rosemary essential oil is excellent in cases of intense physical fatigue, intellectual exhaustion or overwork. Promotes concentration and memory.

Strengthens the immune system: Rich in cineole, rosemary essential oil helps clear the bronchi, unclog the nose and facilitate breathing during epidemics of colds, bronchitis, sinusitis... It has powerful antimicrobial properties and is an immunostimulant, so it can help protect the body fighting germs.

Hair stimulant: Recognized as a tonic, it is ideal for hair care, especially for oily hair, in case of hair loss or to stimulate hair growth.

How can I use it?

On the skin: Dilute 1 drop in a little vegetable oil and massage on the solar plexus or under the feet to strengthen the immune system. Apply this dilution 2 to 3 times a day.

On the hair: Dilute up to 4 drops in your shampoo, conditioner or vegetable oils to make a mask, for example.

Inhalation: Put a few drops on a tissue. Inhale calmly to counteract mental fatigue or to promote better physical endurance before exercise.

Air diffusion: In a diffuser, add 10 to 15 drops in cases of winter infections such as flu, bronchitis or nasal congestion. In synergy with lavender essential oil, it is an excellent alternative against nervous fatigue.

AE Romero
Improves and encourages a state of concentration and provides calm and well-being.


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