The Mother's Day

The Mother's Day
Mother's Day is a day to celebrate life. A mother's unconditional love and support should be recognized every day. For this reason, at GOTES we present some of our products to implement in your routine that will improve your health and balance your emotions. Whether you are an athlete or a nature lover, if you like to take care of yourself and spend your time relaxing, our products are an excellent option to make any mother happy.

For fashionable moms: Radiance Cream + Regenerating Serum

For the conceited mother, we bring the perfect combination to keep your skin hydrated, shiny and firm. We propose a routine that includes two of our star products to nourish the skin and rejuvenate the face: the anti-aging Radiance Cream facial cream and the Regenerating Serum.

For active and sporting moms : Revitalising Body Oil

For the very active mother, or the one who cannot live without doing sports, we have the perfect solution to wake up and activate the body before a busy day or a good workout. This body oil has a revitalizing action. Energizes and activates microcirculation. It contains Niauli essential oil, which stimulates, cleanses and reduces inflammation, combined with Peppermint that protects the skin and decongests.

For Zen Moms: Harmony Body Oil

For the moment of rest that every mother deserves, we bring Harmony body oil, which achieves that feeling of relaxation and comfort that we all need after a long day. This body oil helps relax the body and mind by combating muscle stiffness. Contains essential oils of Lavandin and Bergamot, with relaxing, calming and purifying properties.

For pregnant mothers or mothers with babies : Sweet Almond Oil

For those of you who are about to become mothers, we bring you an essential in the pregnancy process, sweet almond vegetable oil. It is ideal for deeply hydrating and giving flexibility to the skin. It can also be applied to the baby to remove cradle cap or give gentle massages.  

A diffuser for all mothers

A great gift is a diffuser to create a pleasant, fresh and calm natural atmosphere in your home. Our diffusers are the perfect gift to benefit from the emotional properties that essential oils provide us. You can create several environments:
- When you wake up to activate with Eucalyptus .
- At work to reduce stress with Petitgrain or improve concentration with Rosemary .
- After an intense day to relax with Bergamot or Lavender .

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