The benefits of using an essential oil diffuser

The benefits of using an essential oil diffuser

We all like our home, office, yoga center to smell good. Things are clear, smells sell. and a lot! It must be emphasized that the best way to have a clean and clear environment is through good ventilation of the rooms, so we will do this simple habit.

However, too often we resort to systems of perfuming our environment with synthetic fragrances. These synthetic fragrances contain many chemical substances that the manufacturer does not specify and, in some cases, are harmful to our health. On other occasions, we use oily materials to burn but, as we will see, it is not the best idea either, especially if they are of chemical origin.

At Gotes we suggest applying essential oils also in diffusion, that is why we bring you two options that can help you live in a more natural, ecological way. In addition, they will improve your daily life, noticing the benefits of essential oils at all times.

What is a diffuser?

To put it clearly, an essential oil diffuser is a device that separates essential oils into smaller particles and mixed with water, dispersing them in the air to deliver the properties of the oils, depending on the oil that has been placed in the diffuser. .

The purpose of the diffuser is to evenly disperse the particles of essential oils in a pleasant way that is not difficult to inhale and does not overwhelm the room.

What is a diffuser used for?

Simply put, a diffuser is used to distribute tiny, breathable particles of essential oils with beneficial properties into the atmosphere of a room, providing characteristics such as energy or relaxation to anyone who inhales the essential oils, also leaving a more stable and pleasant smell sensation. excellent.

How do you use a diffuser?

The aroma diffuser must be filled with warm water, up to the indicated line or a little more than half of the container if the quantity is not indicated. Subsequently, you should add a few drops of an essential oil or several, depending on whether you are aware of mixtures or recommendations.

There is no problem in trying various combinations, you may find your ideal aroma. Consult the benefits of each essential oil in our usage guide for a correct formulation.

The ideal amount is between 5 and 15 drops of essential oil. Depending on how large the room may be, more or less quantity will be needed.

We recommend frequent cleaning of the diffuser. Ideally, after being used.

What are the advantages of using an essential oil diffuser?

Aroma diffusers are an extraordinary option to enhance the benefits of essential oils. Using essential oil diffusers is an ideal method to help you relax, revive, and participate in the benefits of fragrance-based treatment, which we call aromatherapy. Fragrance-based treatment is accepted as one of the best ways for essential oils to be assimilated into the circulatory system and distributed throughout the body. This supports our limbic system, which controls our feelings, mood, and memory.

The impacts of aromatherapy include:

  • Calm down and de-stress
  • Invigorate
  • Increase energy
  • Keep muscles and joints solid
  • Increase concentration
  • calm the mood
  • Optimize meditation
  • Help assimilation

There are countless ways to use essential oils to get a positive response from them. For those who struggle to rest, a little lavender, vetiver, cedarwood or frankincense will do amazing things. If you hope to help your stomach structure, try cardamom, wild orange, mint or ginger.

aromatherapy diffuser

Additionally, using a diffuser with water means it becomes a makeshift humidifier that helps those with respiratory problems or dry skin. Dry air can cause an individual to have a dry, ineffective cough. Adding moisture to the air can cause more moisture in the airways, which can make coughing more helpful, making it possible to discharge trapped or sticky mucus.

Some people notice that their skin, lips and hair become dry and delicate in the coldest time of year. Many types of heating devices spread hot, dry air throughout the home or office, which can cause the skin to become dry and flaky. Cold outside air can also dry out your skin.

Using an aroma diffuser and water can add moisture to the indoor air to help reduce the appearance of dry, cracked skin while properly hydrating it. So, we can say that the benefits of using an aroma diffuser are not only based on aromatherapy but also include the benefits of air humidifiers.

What diffusers does Gotes Essentials have?

Julia diffuser , from the Swiss brand Stadler form, ideal for decorating a room with taste and design.

Mona diffuser , made of wood and ceramic, minimizes the impact of plastic on the use of essential oils.

What Essential Oil + Diffuser Packs do you have?

Mona + Bergamot + Lavender + Petitgrain Diffuser , ideal for relaxation and anti-stress.

Julia + Eucalyptus + Niauli + Thyme diffuser , with a decongestant and refreshing effect on the respiratory tract , ideal for the coldest times of the year.

Where can I buy a diffuser?

Here we leave you the links to our online store:

Use the following code to benefit from a 15% discount:


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    • Rafaela Duero -

      Muchas gracias por los consejos. Compré un difusor Mona hace 1 mes y estoy encantada. Sin duda un acierto descubrir vuestra marca.

    • Deborah -

      Buenas. Quiero comprar un difusor de aceites naturales pero soy alérgica a olores, me han dicho que no dan alergia de rinitis pero quiero que me digan si es cierto o no? Gracias

    • Deborah -

      Buenas. Quiero comprar un difusor de aceites naturales pero soy alérgica a olores, me han dicho que no dan alergia de rinitis pero quiero que me digan si es cierto o no? Gracias

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