New range of Aromacosmetics

New range of Aromacosmetics

We present our new range of Skincare.

Why have we opted for aromacosmetics?

We want to integrate the benefits of essential oils into your beauty routine. We formulate cosmetic products that help improve your skin and your mind, providing harmony and balance. We combine nature with our scientific knowledge, offering active and natural cosmetics with a modern texture.

"We help you include the benefits of oils in your beauty routine"

Why you will love our cosmetics?

Naturalness: Gotes Skincare is born from the purest nature. It combines organic, cold-pressed vegetable oils and organic and very pure essential oils.

Expertise: This range is the result of a deep knowledge of essential oils and their pharmacological and cosmetic properties.

Efficiency: Our cosmetics are not only effective cosmetics, but we go further into authentic natural and organic cosmetics, which are also preventive. It slows the passage of time and the signs of aging with the visible skin alterations that it entails and at the same time visibly reduces and minimizes imperfections.

Sensoriality: Our products have modern textures that are addictive to use due to their sensoriality, absorption, fragrance and cosmetic results.

Innovation : We break the stereotypes of natural cosmetics, with a modern range: both the image and the textures.

"We seek to elevate the assets of essential oils, resulting in a comprehensive, simple, pure and sensorial self-care ritual"

Introduce our products into your skincare routine

Our skincare range is made up of two serums, a facial cream and three body oils:

Balance Serum , a unifying and balancing hydra-serum, especially for combination and oily skin.

Regenerating Serum , a regenerating oil-serum, especially for dry and atonous skin.

Radiance Cream , an anti-aging facial cream for all skin types.

Harmony Body Oil , a body oil that helps relax the body and mind by combating muscle stiffness.

Sculpture Body Oil , a body oil with lipid-reducing and silhouette-reshaping action.

Revitalising Body Oil , a body oil with revitalizing and microcirculation activating action.

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