Why use an essential oil diffuser?

Why use an essential oil diffuser?

A few weeks ago, we published an entry on the benefits of using diffusers. Responding to your high interest, we wanted to complement the blog with a second article about diffusers.

In the last blog we defined what a diffuser was and what it was used for. In this second post, we would like to describe the different diffusers that exist on the market, which ones we recommend and how to use them.

Whether you are already familiar with the world of essential oils or just curious, this article will interest you. We tell you what to take into account when choosing your diffuser and we even recommend which diffusers to use according to your objectives.

To start, we find two common types of diffusers that do not distort essential oils:

  • Nebulization diffuser : these are diffusers that expel the aroma by pressure, emitting microdroplets of pure oil to the outside. It works without the need to add water to the diffuser.
  • Ultrasonic misting diffuser: these are diffusers in which oil particles are diffused with water particles. They also serve as air humidifiers.

Diffusers that heat the oil should be avoided. Its operating mechanisms distort the oils and can be dangerous.

At Gotes, we believe that the ultrasonic misting diffuser works for the objectives we seek. They are perfect to leave on for a while, apart from aromatizing a room it will also help prevent the environment from drying out. They are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, shops etc…

We recommend the Julia and Mona diffusers from Gotes. They both use this technology.

How do you use the aroma misting/humidifying diffuser?

  1. Fill the water tank (tap or natural). For long exposure fill up to the level mark, but remember to never exceed the level mark.
  2. Add drops of oil depending on the water deposited, the more water the more drops. Add 15 to 20 drops for spaces up to 40 m2, with a maximum of up to 30 drops of essential oil or mix with the entire tank up to its maximum level.
  3. Use the timer to program the duration of the diffuser.
  4. Connect it to the power for its correct operation

How to clean the diffuser after using it?

Remove the diffuser cover and inner cover. Remove the water and excess oil remains and spray the interior with a spray with water and alcohol, if possible.

Subsequently, with a cloth, clean the inside of the diffuser until there are no traces of essential oils. Finally, cover the container inside with the lid and close the diffuser with the lid.

This practice should be done every time you have just used the diffuser or when you want to change the essential oils used.

Of the 3 ways of using essential oils that we recommend using in Gotes (topical route, olfactory route by inhalation and olfactory route by diffusion), the use of oils in diffusion is the most neutral and calm.

What are the benefits of essential oils in a misting diffuser?

  1. Improved air quality : When essential oils are diffused in a room, airborne pathogens are combated in a very effective way. Essential oils actually alter the structure of odor molecules, rather than just coating them. Try Thyme, Lavender or Rosemary oil for these occasions.
  2. Breathe easier : Stuffy nose? Try spreading Eucalyptus. Its menthol components help us open up and breathe easily.
  3. They stimulate the immune system : Essential oils, such as Niaouli, Thyme, Eucalyptus, not only kill airborne viruses, but also stimulate the immune system.
  4. You sleep better : Many essential oils have relaxing, even sedative, properties that can help you fall asleep more easily and improve sleep quality. Try Lavender, Petitgrain and Bergamot essential oils.
  5. They change the mood : Inhaling essential oils affects the limbic system, the part of the brain that controls emotions. Different scents trigger different emotional responses, which can result in emotional stability, calm, or relaxation. Try diffusing Geranium and Bergamot when you are under stress or anxiety.

The presence of a diffuser is useful in many places: bedroom, kitchen, living room or other room, and also office.

If there is a place to use the diffuser to act on stress or sleep problems, it is the bedroom. If you use it throughout the night, it is better to use ultrasonic misting technology, this way it will not use as much essential oil and it will also help you not to dry out the environment, especially if you have the heating or air on.

For the kitchen, living room or other room, exactly the same thing happens. When you want to use it for a long time (several hours), oils diffused by humidifier are the best.

For these cases, a low-range diffuser is sufficient. The Julia diffuser will provide you with the extra design you are looking for.


Can I buy aroma diffusers for my business?

The world of broadcasting does not end at home, on the contrary! If you have a business, we recommend using them so that your customers have a better experience.

Yoga centers, massage centers and stores of all kinds contact us to incorporate the Mona or Julia diffuser to aromatize their spaces.

Buy diffusers for yoga centers

For yoga centers, where therapeutic effectiveness is sought for the people who pass through your center, they take as much calm and tranquility as possible. In addition to yoga, an enveloping fragrance that transmits peace will make the experience round.

We recommend the Mona diffuser for its powerful range and misting technology. The microparticles come out with great force, remaining in suspension for a long time.

Buy diffusers for massage centers

As for yoga centers, buying diffusers for your massage center is a success to create a 10 experience. When choosing the diffuser you should ask yourself two questions: What type of environment do you want to create? And what is the size of the space?

We understand that it is a lot of information. But we want to give you some more information so that you can be an expert in diffusers.


What diffusers does Gotes Essentials have?

Julia diffuser , from the Swiss brand Stadler form, ideal for decorating a room with taste and design.

Mona diffuser , made of wood and ceramic, minimizes the impact of plastic on the use of essential oils.

What Essential Oil + Diffuser Packs do you have?

Mona + Bergamot + Lavender + Petitgrain Diffuser , ideal for relaxation and anti-stress.

Julia + Eucalyptus + Niauli + Thyme diffuser , with a decongestant and refreshing effect on the respiratory tract, ideal for the coldest times of the year.

You can visit all Gotes Essentials products here.

Mona Gotes Essentials Diffuser

Do you have any additional questions?

Write us an email to info@gotesessentials.com

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