Your essentials for Fall

Your essentials for Fall

September has just arrived, less light, more fatigue and new challenges. To achieve this, there is no better way to face changes than to remedy them consciously and naturally. We bring you the essential first aid kit of essentials for autumn, those oils that cannot be missing in your pockets.

AE Romero
Improves and promotes a state of concentration and memory, helps to refocus and stimulates mental and intellectual abilities. Start the day with energy and good humor.

AE Ylang Ylang
Comfort during a time of change. During a temporary low mood, this oil can be of great help. Relieves, calms and comforts.

AE Niauli
It stimulates the immune system and helps us face the imminent changes of September. Perfect for overcoming fatigue, it stimulates the body and helps maintain physical and mental fitness.

AE Bergamot
It produces immediate relaxation, combats stress and insomnia, perfect for falling asleep during this time of year.

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