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The benefits of vegetable oils

Plant oils are effective in removing dirt, makeup and excess sebum from the skin. Unlike soap and water-based cleansers, oils are able to dissolve makeup and other impurities without stripping the skin's natural oils.

Additionally, they are rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients that help hydrate and nourish the skin, keeping it soft, supple and healthy looking.

For hair care, they are excellent for nourishing and strengthening hair, improving its texture and shine, and reducing frizz.

How to use vegetable oils

1. Facial cleanser and makeup remover: You can apply a small amount of vegetable oil (such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil) to your dry face, massage gently for a few minutes, and then remove with a damp towel or cotton. This will help you clean and remove makeup from your skin effectively.

2. Skin Moisturizer: After cleansing your skin, you can apply a few drops of vegetable oil (such as rosehip oil, argan oil or almond oil) to your face and body, massaging gently until completely absorbed.

3. Hair care: After cleansing your skin, you can apply a few drops of vegetable oil (such as rosehip oil, argan oil or almond oil) to your face and body, massaging gently until completely absorbed.

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More information about this product

What is Rosehip

The Rosehip, scientifically known as "Rosa rubiginosa," is a natural wonder native to the Chilean Andes. This shrub is appreciated for the fruits from which the seeds are extracted, which, when pressed, produce the valuable rosehip oil.

This oil is renowned for its richness in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins, such as vitamin C and vitamin A, making it a natural resource for skin care. Rosehip is famous for its regenerative, moisturizing, anti-aging properties and its ability to treat various skin problems.

At Gotes, we offer you rosehip oil of the highest quality, guaranteeing its purity and freshness in each container. Discover how this gift of nature can revitalize your skin care routine and restore its natural glow and vitality.

Natural Components

This oil is extracted from Rosehip seeds and is rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins, such as vitamin C and vitamin A. These natural components make rosehip oil a perfect ally to care for and regenerate your skin. .

Properties of Rosehip

Rosehip oil is a natural beauty elixir. Its regenerative properties help reduce scars and improve skin texture. In addition, its deep hydration capacity combats dryness and wrinkles, keeping the skin soft and supple. Thanks to its richness in antioxidants, this oil prevents premature aging and improves skin tone, reducing spots and discolorations. It is also effective in soothing sensitive skin, relieving sunburn, and treating problems such as acne. Rosehip not only benefits the skin, but also strengthens brittle nails and gives shine to the hair.

Skin regeneration

One of the most notable benefits of rosehip oil is its ability to stimulate cell regeneration. Helps reduce scars and improve the appearance of damaged skin.


Rosehip provides deep hydration, keeping the skin soft and supple. Ideal to combat dryness and wrinkles.

Treatment of stains and discoloration

Do you have spots on your skin? Rosehip oil is known for its effectiveness in reducing spots and discoloration, returning an even tone to your skin.


The antioxidant properties of rosehip oil help prevent premature aging, keeping your skin fresh and young.

Scar reduction

If you have acne or surgical scars, rosehip oil can help diminish their appearance and improve the texture of your skin.

Sunburn Relief

Applying rosehip oil to sunburned areas can relieve discomfort and speed skin recovery.

Soothes sensitive skin

If you have sensitive or irritated skin, this natural oil can calm it, reducing inflammation and redness.

acne treatment

Rosehip oil is non-comedogenic and can help reduce inflammation and scarring caused by acne.

Nail and hair repair

Not only does it benefit your skin, but you can also use it to strengthen brittle nails and give shine to your hair.

How to Use Rosehip Oil?

To take full advantage of the benefits of rosehip oil, it is essential to know the proper way to apply it. First, make sure your skin is clean and dry before using it. Then, you can incorporate it into your skincare routine in several ways.

1. Natural Moisturizer:One of the most common ways to use rosehip oil is as a moisturizer. Apply a few drops to your face and neck, massaging gently in circular motions. This will provide deep hydration, keeping your skin soft and supple.

2. Revitalizing Serum: Rosehip oil can also be used as a serum before your usual moisturizer. Applied in this way, it acts as an additional layer of protection and regeneration. By massaging it into your skin, you'll be preparing a perfect canvas for the rest of your skin care routine.

3. Custom Mix:Experimenting with your rosehip oil is an excellent idea. You can mix it with your favorite face cream or body lotion to enhance its moisturizing and regenerative effects. This way, you customize your skin care routine according to your specific needs.

Find out what works best for you! Every skin is unique, and what works for one person may not be best for another. Experiment with the different ways of using rosehip oil and find the one that best suits your skin type and needs. Whether as a moisturizer, serum or mixed with other products, this natural oil will help you achieve healthier, more radiant skin.

Gotes - Your Store Specialized in Rosehip Oil

At Gotes, we are proud to offer you the highest quality rosehip oil, guaranteeing purity and freshness in every bottle.

Purity and quality guaranteed

Our commitment is to provide you with a 100% pure and natural product, without additives or preservatives. Only the best for your skin.

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We make fast and safe shipments so that you receive your rosehip oil in perfect condition and without delay.

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Frequent questions

How long does it take for rosehip oil to take effect?

Time may vary depending on the person and application. However, many people notice improvements in their skin after a few weeks of consistent use.

How do you know if rosehip oil is original?

Make sure you buy rosehip oil from trusted suppliers and verify that the product is 100% pure. Gotes guarantees the authenticity of its products.

Is rosehip oil suitable for all skin types?

Yes, rosehip oil is suitable for all skin types, including dry, oily, sensitive and combination skin. However, it is always advisable to do a test on a small area of ​​skin before using it widely.