Niauli Essential Oil Sale 10ml

Niauli Melaleuca viridiflora 100% pure and ecological
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How to use essential oil on the skin

- Use any of the vegetable oils and add a few drops of essential oil to take better advantage of each of its properties

- Warm in your hands before applying to the desired area for better absorption

- If applied to the body, massage this oil on the desired areas in an ascending manner.

- If you want to apply it to the face, massage it lightly with your fingers all over the face for better absorption. Avoid contact with eyes

How to use essential oil in diffusion

- Fill the water container up to the indicated line

- Pour between 5 and 10 drops of essential oil into the water container. Close the diffuser with the ceramic lid

- Connect to the power and turn on the diffuser indicating the desired mode of use.

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More information about this product

What is niauli?

Discover the fascinating world of niauli!Imagine walking through the lush forests of the tropical region and feeling the energetic essence of niauli all around you.. This amazing essential plant has been prized for generations for itsunique charm and its beneficial properties. Let us introduce you to theniauli essential oilthat Gotes has carefully created, using a distillation process thatpreserves all the magic of this mystical plant. We make sure to give you themaximum qualityso you can enjoy thecountless benefitsthat this essential oil has to offer.

Properties of niauli oil

Did you know that theNiauli essential oil has a wide range of beneficial propertiesfor your well-being, beauty and personal care? Join us on this exciting journey todiscover some of its wonderful secrets:

Theinvigorating and refreshing essence of niauli is like a revitalizing breath for your senses. This essential oil has the power torevive and energize both mind and body. After a long day, close your eyes and imagine deeply inhaling its energetic aroma, feeling tensions and exhaustion dissipate, giving way to a sensationrenewing vitality and mental clarity. It is the perfect ally to infuse vigor into your day andstay in harmony with life. Allow yourself this moment of self-care andgive yourself some time, where you can recharge your energy and face the world witha positive and rejuvenated attitude.

But that's not all, theNiauli essential oil is also a treasure for skin and hair care.. His propertiespurifying and balancingThey help improve the appearance of the skin, promoting aradiant and healthy complexion. You can add a few drops to your regular moisturizer or body oil toenhance its revitalizing benefitsand give a refreshing touch to your care routine. Besides, hisstimulating aromawill wrap you in aunique sensory experience, transforming your daily routine intoa true celebration of nature.

As for the hair, theNiauli oil strengthens the locks, providing them with shine and vitality. You can mix a few drops in your shampoo or conditioner to take advantage of itsnutritious and revitalizing benefits. You can also apply it directly to the scalp tostimulate growth and improve overall hair health. You will notice how your hair is renewed, showing all its splendor!

So, don't underestimate the power ofniauli essential oil to care for and beautify your skin and hair. It is a natural treasure that gives you surprising results. In addition to revitalizing your mind, you can also take advantage of itscosmetic properties to enhance your innate beauty. Allow your skin, your hair and your well-being to enjoythe best of nature!

Benefits of Niauli Oil

Wonders of niauli oilAt Gotes we wantreveal to you how niauli oil can transform your self-care routine and provide you with surprising benefits:


Our skin deserves to be treated withlove and care, and niauli is the perfect ally to achieve this. His propertiespurifying and balancingimprove the appearance of the skin, promotingradiant and healthy complexion. Besides, hisrefreshing aromacreate aunique sensory experience, turning each application intoA delight for the senses.


Hair is one of our greatest expressions of beauty, andniauli oil can enhance it. Strengthen your hair, add shine and vitality, and give ita touch of revitalizing aroma. Forget about harsh chemicals and give your hair thenatural and rejuvenating care you deserve. With a few simple drops of this wonderful essential oil, you will see how your hair comes to life and shine, looking radiant and silky.


The niauli has long been considered anatural and stimulating aphrodisiac. Its enveloping and seductive aroma awakens passion and desire, creating an intimate and sensual atmosphere. Add a few drops of niauli oil to an essential oil diffuser to create an intimate and stimulating atmosphere in your special moments with your partner. The spark of love will be assured!


In the midst of the daily hustle and bustle, we all need arespite to relax and disconnect. The calming and relaxing properties of niauli oil will give you the peace you long for. Enjoy a relaxing massage, an aromatic bath or simply place a few drops in your diffuser to create an atmosphere ofserenity and inner peace. Let stress fade away and welcome a feeling of calm and well-being.

Aches and pains 

In addition to its relaxing properties,Niauli essential oil can provide relief in situations of pain and discomfort. Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties can provide natural, soothing relief when you need it most. Gently massage the affected area with a few drops of this powerful essential oil and you will feel the tension and discomfort dissipate.

Captivating aroma and aromatherapy

The aroma of niauli oil is simply captivating. Use it as a natural perfume and apply it to your wrists and neck to carry with you itsrevitalizing fragrancefor the whole day. Additionally, you can enjoy thearomatherapy by placing a few drops in a diffuser. Allow its aroma to purify the environment and transport you to a state of calm and harmony, leaving stress and worries behind.

How to use niauli oil

How to use niauli oil? We invite you to experiment and enjoy the multiple uses ofniauli essential oil:

  • Massage: Mix a few drops of iauli oil with a carrier oil of your choice and treat yourself to a relaxing and revitalizing massage. Feel how tension and fatigue fade away, giving way to a deep sense of well-being.
  • Bathroom: Add a few drops of oil to your hot bath and immerse yourself in a unique aromatic experience. The energetic and revitalizing aroma of niauli will transport you to an oasis of calm and relaxation.
  • Aromatherapy: Enjoy the power of aromatherapy by placing a few drops in your diffuser. Create an atmosphere of tranquility in your home, relax after a long day or create a space conducive to meditation and introspection.

Discover everything that niauli essential oil can do for youand allows yournatural beauty and benefits wrap you in a unique personal care experience. Dare topamper yourself with the best of natureand make the most of the gifts that this fascinating essential plant gives us. Your well-being and vitality will thank you!