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At GOTES, we believe in the beauty of self-care, an experience that connects you with your essence and restores your inner balance.

What we offer?

We have created a special space where you can immerse yourself in the world of conscious self-care.

We offer a wide range of activities that nourish body and soul, from yoga to natural cosmetics workshops, art therapy and talks on sexuality.

Our carefully selected spaces will immerse you in nature, where you can find calm and inner peace.

Do you want to participate?

We invite you to join our self-care experiences at GOTES, where you can reconnect with your inner beauty and embrace calm. We believe in you and the power of holistic self-care rituals.

You can register through our website. To not miss any details about upcoming events, follow us at @gotes_experiences!

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"Get to know Gotes products better through unique experiences in which you will connect with nature and experience beauty, inner peace and well-being"