Spring Detox-Purification Sale

Aromatherapy session with Gotes and Essence Yoga

Spring brings us the energy of transformation necessary to do a deep cleaning and let go of what no longer serves us from an expansive internal consciousness.
Through the synergy of essential oils and the therapeutic practice of Yoga, we will have a comprehensive experience to connect with our intention in this season.

During this event, you will have the opportunity to:
Know the benefits and ways of using essential oils to purify body and mind.

Learn self-massage techniques, allowing you to connect with yourself and release tension.
Be part of a Circle of Intention to let go.
Practice Pranayama techniques to calm the mind and cultivate a sense of inner peace.

Enjoy a Yin Yoga session, focused on the energy of spring to promote the internal regulation of the body and physical and emotional purification.
Join us in this spring experience to welcome powerful new beginnings.
  • €25,00
  • Regular price €35,00

El evento tendrá lugar en el7 Yoga, ubicado en la Calle de Pallars, 84-88, en Barcelona.

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