We understand that the world of essential oils and natural cosmetics can be overwhelming, especially for someone who is just starting to get to know this universe. In addition to providing the highest quality products, we are here to train you and help you use them safely, with comfort and confidence. We've created learning guides to help you make informed decisions, whether you're experienced, just starting out, or someone in between.

How to use essential oils?
With just a few drops, the oils can regenerate, heal or nourish the skin, but they also affect the mood by being able to cheer up, relax or concentrate.
They are included in beauty routines, applied in massages or diffused through diffusers. Essential oils can be applied in many ways.
We recommend that you use them responsibly and always dilute your essential oils with a vegetable oil before applying them to your skin. Avoid using it on damaged areas. Oral internal use of essential oils is not recommended.
For diffusion, just add a few drops of essential oil to your diffuser to enjoy all its aroma and benefits.
If you prefer to treat yourself to an aromatic bath, in this case we also recommend mixing a few drops of the essential oil with vegetable oil before adding it to the bath, since essential oils are not soluble in water.
What are the benefits of essential oils?
Essential oils help improve your health and well-being.
The benefits of essential oil are determined by the properties of the plants. If these natural substances are extracted properly, they can be used to help us improve physically, mentally and emotionally.
Take into account the benefits of each oil when making mixtures.
Modes of use:
  • Topical : Essential oils can be applied to the skin if diluted with a vegetable oil:
    1. Gently massage into your skin.
    2. Apply to specific areas.
    3. Add a few drops of EO (essential oil) to lotions, creams or cosmetic products.
    4. Mix and formulate various essential oils with vegetables.
  • Aromatic : the properties of essential oils can be used with the olfactory sense and the senses:
    1. Apply in an essential oil diffuser. Various oils (blends) can be mixed or applied separately.
    2. Make an aromatic bath. Mix a few drops of essential oil with vegetable oil and pour into the tub of hot water.


Purifying, combats excess oil in skin and hair

Relaxing and anti-stress

Powerful anti-stains for the skin


Refreshing and revitalizing effect

Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial

Immune and respiratory support


Balancing and toning the skin

Anti-aging effect for mature skin

Purifying for skin with imperfections


Relaxing and calming of the nervous system

Healing and regenerating effect for damaged skin

Great ally against hair loss problems


Respiratory decongestant

Purifying and antiseptic effect on the skin

Mature skin, great regenerator and repairer of the skin


General and muscle relaxation massage

Anti-inflammatory, purifying and balancing the skin

Improves mood


Stimulating and anti-fatigue

Great scalp revitalizer, combats hair loss

Respiratory decongestant


Ideal for bruises and bruises

Regenerative properties for stretch marks and skin imperfections

Mature and sensitive skin


Treatment for inflamed and irritated skin

Eliminates impurities and purifies acne-prone skin

Great support for the immune system


Relaxing and anti-stress effect

Ally against excess oil in the skin and hair

Great antioxidant power for mature and damaged skin



Reduces wrinkles

Contains emollient properties, helps calm anxiety and stress.

Anti-inflammatory, purifying


Softens skin and repairs acne

Anti-inflammatory, purifying


Low-fat, easy-to-apply oil

Has conditioning properties for hair

Regulates sweating

Softens hardness


Helps in the healing process

Fight acne

Cell regeneration

Prevents and reduces stretch marks

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